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Nabomita Mazumdar

Laugh Out Loud With Nidhi Goyal

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Aditi Mittal is at it again! This time she is nailing the act of taking a joke with Nidhi Goyal, a writer and researcher at Canvas Comedy Club. Aditi’s with her Bad Girl Comedy presented her.


Nidhi shatters every question that we ask the differently-abled. Nidhi lays out the fact that being visually impaired often makes other people turn vocally impaired where they can’t manage to say a word!


Most of us with our sympathies, make the life of a differently abled even more difficult. The sense of self-entitlement that we radiate, goes high enough to score a script for a stand-up comedy!


Blunt questions such as “how can you have a career when you are differently-abled?” Or even ‘Is there anything wrong with you” just as Nidhi shares in the video!


If only we choose to hear what we are saying, we definitely offer enough humour !


Without any delay , watch this video and decide for yourself on how funny we act in our quest to care or even be concerned about them!



Nidhi is a Program Director at Sexual and Disability. As she makes her mark with her debut at Canvas Club, we wish her a great career in Standup Comedy.


Earlier Brian Fischler, Chris McCausland and Jamie MacDonald had created a name around the world for their Stand-up Comedy. They brought up situations where being visually impaired made other people act funny!


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