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Lola Jutta

Turn Up The Heat With Boudoir Shoots

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A woman’s bedroom is off-limits. And that in itself is alluring enough. 

Boudoir is a french word for woman’s sitting room or salon. The term derives from the French verb bouder which meant --to sulk-- and originally was a room for sulking in, to put away or withdraw to. Slowly, the space developed a scandalous reputation for private female talks. Giggling and sharing naughty bedroom talks with your female pals. 

Now the term boudoir has undergone a racy and raunchy transition. It is definitely not a new phenomena. You have Hollywood classic beauties posing sensuously in front of the lenses.



Clara Bow flaunting her confidence in this boudoir shoot back in 1920s.

And how can one forget the queen of sensuality, herself, Marilyn Monroe! She can make any space around her look sexy and effervescent, alive with  her energy.



Boudoir photography is catching up fast now though. To spice things up and bring back the zing in your relationship. Take cue from these women over 50 who have dressed down for a racy boudoir shoot for their partners. Relationships do not work out on their own. You have to keep taking initiatives and at times going out of your comfort zone *wink wink* to light up the fizzled passion. Put on the best of your lingerie or go nude to set your partner’s heart racing.







PSpective Photography by Priyanka Sachar will help you in putting together a racy photo shoot. Either go solo or rope in your partner to capture intimate moments which you would cherish.



Go on, ignite the passion with boudoir photo shoots!

PSpective Photography by Priyanka Sachar



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