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Bold and Beautiful! #YesAllWomen.
14 Jan,17
YesAllWomen  Be brave.
Let’s breathe with Lloyd Air Purifiers!.
23 Nov,16
In the current times, when air pollution is increasing every second, life seems to be at a halt.
Gear up for winters with Lloyd!.
23 Nov,16
Winter is almost here.
DIWALI with a difference.
28 Oct,16
DIWALI is here, and everyone has been busy cleaning their homes at a deeper level, decorating them, buying new clothes / accessories, and not to forget food - a wide spread of the choicest delicacies being prepared.
Being Extraordinary.
26 Oct,16
One day, I asked some friends, “Do you like to live an ordinary life, or an extraordinary life?” “Obviously we want an extraordinary life.
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