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Our Latest Article : You Can't Afford To Miss

“What You Want, Wants You Too! It Is Looking For You” : Anjana Nair

Date :27-Mar-2017
Piyali Dasgupta


Anjana, Nair, 33 years, is a wanderlust, loves her furry friends who purr, ie. cats. She also likes fish, crows, plants, flowers, stars, prefers daydreaming and listens to Bob Marley. Another important  information, she also happens to be a gifted graphic designer and illustrator. Her decade long career has been a reflective journey, which has taken her to different terrains and seas.   


In the past couple of years, she has created products for the Red Earth Design Mela (Delhi) in collaboration with “Wolf” – 2015, presented a stone art series called “Republic of Raven” for an event in Jaipur called “THE MARKET” at “Wolf”- 2015 and presented the next of the series of stone art called “Astral stones”, for Bee'17 a parallel event during the Jaipur literary festival organized by “Wolf” at Clarks Amer- 2017. Apart from that she created wall art at a boutique hotel in Jaipur called “The Farm” and at another hotel in Udaipur called “Sarovar”.



In her formative years, academics bored her to death and this is when she embraced her new found love for “Arts” with much gusto. She remembers, “I had a brilliant art teacher who introduced me to fine arts and also made me aware of my skills. Those were the most crucial years of my life and that lead me to where I am now. After years in the corporate world and an eternity of sitting in front of a computer, I am now illustrating, which has always been my first love and freelancing for clients that I really enjoy working with. One of the clients I am working with at the moment is Burger Singh. I am also collaborating with two extremely creative friends - Ritu and Surya Singh who run an experiential space in Jaipur called “Wolf”. It is thanks to them I have been able to showcase my work at 3 events organized and curated by them.”


She believes with certainty, “Do not take your work for granted, if you do so the world will do the same. Never undersell yourself and compare your successes with others around you.” Only when she found courage within her, she took the plunge to quit her 9-5 corporate job and steered her ship in a different direction.

She shares, “I think a regular job often takes over your life and smothers ll other interests you might have on the way. I was missing out on a lot and life was just passing by me. I wanted things to be more in control. There is so much to do, learn and practice. I couldn’t be more ready to dive right into it!” 



Travels and nature move and inspire her. so much so that she scribbles down everything in her journal. “When I am travelling, I use my sketch pad as a journal to document the space, experience, conversations or objects.” She uses different mediums to illustrate on, such as stones, tin boxes, bottles or walls. Often surfaces with cracks and folds lead her to make and exaggerate the shapes that emerge off them naturally.  Currently, she is experimenting with rubber stamp carving as a medium.

Patience and Persistence are her strongest virtues. Parallely she has observed that mostly life happens irrespective of any philosophy you might follow. It’s all about going with the flow and doing so with the least resistance. Being an introvert, she seeks for friends who are just the opposite of her. Most of her friends and work colleagues are full of spunk and represent the strength that she greatly admires and is trying to discover in her own self. She reflects, “It is easy to get bullied or sidetracked in any industry if you come across as a weak target. And this applies to anyone irrespective of their sex. One has to make sure they stand-by their beliefs and not let power intimidate them.” 


Anjana shares, “There is a poem by Rumi which resonates with me a lot : “When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without pain.” From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.”

For more of her work and to contact her, click here.



Piyali Dasgupta

A writer and an educator with expertise in experiential learning,capacity building, counselling & content development. A feminist, wit addict and time/life traveler. She loves trees, water bodies, vintage,cooking and arts

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