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Anubha MauryaWalia

Founder of PRISM Trainings, International OD consultant, Trainer & Facilitator in Behavioural & Quality, helping Generation in career. Visit

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1 Dec,16

I have HE in ME ---I am SHE
I have MALE in ME--- I am FEMALE

fullsizerender-2I have HERO in ME---I am SHEROES

We wonderful females are working and contributing our life to our family, and often pursuing more than one task including long-term career or abandoning our passion. World needs to learn from us how are we managing  all..... During my session with Team Sheroes,  they are not only sharing but empower's female fraternity and help them by giving direction to manage oneself & to achieve ongoing success and happiness in the life of female i.e:

*Taking charge of one’s own personal development.

*Looking for opportunities to make a contribution.

*Being engaged in the work and the workplace, and 

*Making all of us introspect by their goals-THINK BEYOND PINK.

0-16My Inputs based on philosophy I created PRISM (Prepare, Respect, Implement, Share, Maintain) the keys to any kind of self-management are:

*Prepare yourself by Knowing what one’s own strengths are and capitalizing on them.

*Respect by Understanding which personal learning and work styles work best.

*Implement your prep work and execution is key to success

*Share your a strong sense of personal values and matching those to the work situation.

*Maintain your style :)

What I observed during my interaction with team, People tend to be happiest and most fulfilled when they feel they are making a contribution  that aligns with their own values. Making the right contribution is based on assessing own needs; evaluating how one’s own strengths, preferred performance methods, and personal values can make a difference in the situation; and taking into consideration the desired results and that is SHEROES contribution. Great cheers to team SHEROES. Reach out to me at @anubhamaurya (twitter), 9818446562,

Anubha is an International Trainer, Facilitator& OD Consultant carries 15+yrs of corporate experience were she was heading Training & Quality vertical. She is first Lady in India pursuing her PhD research in "FOLLOWERSHIP" and created PRISM Philosophy (Prepare.Respect.Implement.Share.Maintain)

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