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Sairee Chahal

Creating career opportunities for women professionals is her mission. Work life, bank-balance is her vision.  Powerhouse of ideas. Serial entrepreneur, and  believer in work-life redesign, she walks the talk. Almost always in sneakers. The fitness-band she wears works hard to keep pace with her.

Smriti Middha

A digital nomad who loves connecting people. A storyteller, shoe lover, Harry Potter fan who says she’s now learning how to be a mum. Time traveller who worked with SHEROES from Mozambique, before moving back to India. Communication sans borders is her speciality.


Madhujeet Kumar

Self-managed and self-motivated, earned an MCA in 2005 and has clocked over a decade in various phases of software development life-cycles. An expert at tech conceptualisation, implementation and testing, he managed the SHEROES platform single-handedly for 2.5 years. He keeps a close eye on database design, security, and servers, and loves cricket the most.


Srishti Kush

Joined SHEROES the day she graduated. Calls herself ‘just another engineer’. Skydiver, cyclist, swimmer, fitness-band challenger, traveller and a tech aficionado. Works on products, and SHEROES labs, and swears by data. Music is her dope.


Supriya Kohli

A proud mom who believes that happiness is the key, source and destination to success. Strongly believes in transparency, optimism and hard work. Loves to talk and stay connected, she has the negotiation skills of a lawyer but will make you feel like you won the deal!


Vikas Singh

A startup enthusiast, who says the movement has changed the way we think and live. He loves talking to people, and is quick to offer help. Loves hashtag and wants to be known as a:  #Traveler #Foodie #BookWorm #Explorer.

Gagan Mahajan

He is ‘G’ in geek, he dreams in and of UX. Always available to offer gyaan, age is just a number to this old monk. His supersonic sense of hearing and smell takes him to an open tiffin box in seconds. Team emails from him at 3 am, are normal.

Laxmi Rawat

Trained as a Chartered Accountant, she has  extensive experience in corporate finance and accounting. She’s a good listener, who feels it is the best way to gather knowledge. Loves to play with numbers and believe in delivering results with a difference.


Mukesh Ranjan

He hails from a family of doctors, but he never wanted to be one. He's a proud coder who says, coding is for him, what poetry is to a poet. A positive attitude, and a passion to work are words that define him best. His motto: 'where there is a will, there is a way.'


Puneet Dhillon

A go-getter and a high energy doer of things. Can talk, drive, seal a deal, plan a party or a corporate event, all in a single breath. Almost. Her tough army-general exterior, is a perfect counterfoil to a truly warm, loving buddy to those she cares about.


Monica Majithia

Coach, Counsellor and Core Buddhist. Committed to the idea of each person finding a place of dignity ,hope and freedom and living with spirit of the times. A super cool mom who lives for the love of, family, books, dogs and all things heritage.

Santosh Kumar

From Gaya to Delhi, he is glad the road goes both ways. He loves everything from ‘back home’, especially the food, and is always on the lookout for a taste of nostalgia. He loves technology and says that is the only way to solve any problem.

Kuldeep Singh

Officially a UI/UX Designer and front-end developer, he is a man of visuals and has the eye of a designer. Loves to travel and share those pics on whatsapp, sometimes in the wrong groups. He wants to be a one-stop solution provider for all things IT, and has a tagline ready: ‘your imagination is our creation’.

Ajit Kumar

He talks code, all the time, and proudly so. Developing android apps is his true passion. He loves cooking non-vegetarian dishes from his secret stash of recipes. If he could, he would code an android version and name it ‘chicken masala.’


Priyanka Pritam

A true blue culturaly rooted Bihar-girl who moved to Delhi after earning her B.Tech from AkU. Loves coding, but loves talking more. Inspired by her mother’s grit and determination, she works towards making her parents proud of their daughter.

Pallavy Borah

She says her calm exterior houses ‘a devil's mind’. No one can tell really, the calmness of her persona overrides any devilish thoughts she claims to have. This vegetarian loves good food and will happily share her lunch box. 


Manuj Goel

A digital artist with a wicked sense of humour. He says he is a bit of everything: thinker, talker, active listener as well as a leader. He has a deep love for music, mostly psychedelic and metal. Online gaming is his true passion.

Kumar Satyam

Calls himself a ‘young’ developer, and is always ready for a friendly chat. He enjoys developing websites, both for fun and profit. A master's degree in computer application, is yet to turn him into a full time geek. He loves being the comedy king amongst his group of friends.

Ekta Kakkar

Systematic, organised and a quick decision maker. She sets the tone for discipline, yet can turn an indulgent blind-eye to a fun prank. She takes exotic holidays and returns with foodie souvenirs, and a few million photographs.

Gaurav Rai

A researcher by profession and a chocolatier by passion. His ‘mapping’ skills are par excellence, he’s a gadget collector, and shopping enthusiast. A man with a dream, mostly involving food and cold coffee, and making style statements that set off trends.

Akshay Chopra

Officially, he is Mr Fixit. Maker of plans, and keeper of secrets,  he knows what everyone is doing, or is supposed to do at all times. Fitness enthusiast, who may soon be discovered by Bollywood. He is sure he will refuse the offer.

Tulika Anand Thakur

An artist, and a poet, who is inspired by people around her. She’s a people oriented person, a spreader of positive energy, and a go getter. She believes effective communication the key success mantra  for growth.

Raba Raza

The future rebel. She wants to change the world, one blog at a time. She can find a spot of sunshine on the darkest day. Researcher, reader, straightforward, honest. Laughs out loud at the drop of a hat. If you do not like that, she’s happy to get you earplugs.

Nidhi Shivane

Diligent and goal oriented, she believes in the 5Cs: Commitment, Character, Compassion, Competence and Company-loyalty. A proactive person who accepts all challenges, and creates opportunities for growth.



She loves meeting and talking to people and that's why she is chosen to be a talent acquisition specialist. A traveler, she loves exploring new places. She believes in Karma. Her mantra: Everything will work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.

Raagini Kaushal

She plays with words, numbers, and strategy. Thinks marketing and product. Always interested in conversations on and with SHEROES community, tech interactions and outreach. An animal lover, who feels dogs are the nicest people.


Suruchi Goel

A true Delhiite at heart who loves great food and good people.  A young enthusiast professional, who take a challenge and turns it into a catalyst. Draws strength from family and friends, likes to travel roads not taken. Basic Needs: backbone, wishbone, and funnybone!

Aditi Chawla

A fauji girl growing up, she's now a fauji wife and mother of a 2-year-old. An avid tech enthusiast, certified scuba diver and a National level badminton player, she loves traveling and photography. She has a decade experience at Oracle and SAP, and firmly believes that 'the one thing constant in life is change'.

Shraboni Guha

The "proud Bong" who corrects those who say she doesn’t look like one. A recruitment specialist who truly loves helping land jobs that make them holistically happy. Loves to sing, and eat. In that order.


Avani Parekh

American-born but not confused. Committed to serving the greater good through the SHEROES platform, and helping all women identify their inner fire. Love and relationship guru, and budding entrepreneur, working on that next idea. Mantra: The remedy is in the poison.


Karuna John

Collector, reader, and writer of words. Words are her currency. Pan Indian. Alive. Aware. Arisen. Learns one new thing every day. Works to make a difference in any way she can. Spends too much time on Twitter, drinks too much coffee and dreams of owning a book-lined room with a beach-view one day.

Deepak Singh

He speaks only when spoken to. Loves to travel, and interact with new people. His spare time is spent reading novels and making websites, in that order. He likes to stay in his comfort zone. Always.

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